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No cost ways to donate to charity

When you don't have any spare cash yourself, it can seem impossible to help those who are in even greater need, but there are now several ways to donate without it costing you anything.

Simply by changing the way you carry out regular activities, companies will make payments to the charity of your choice, and if you can find a couple of spare minutes in your day, you can generate even more.

Just change your regular search engine, make online purchases through special links and make daily visits to other sites and you can generate a significant contribution. Choose the options below that are appropriate for you. is a search engine that gives 50% of its revenue to charity. It enables you to raise money for your selected charity every time you search or shop online.

You can choose which charity you wish to support from the nearly 2000 already listed, or if your charity isn't listed, contact them to get it added. Join almost 30,000 supporters who've made over 12 million searches since the site began.

Visit their site now to choose your charity, and find out how much you can donate simply by shopping online.

Daily Clicks

The Hunger Site

Probably the first of the "click to donate" sites. Visit the site whenever you can as each day you visit and click on the donation button will see 1 cup of staple food donated by the site sponsors. Network of sites has now been enlarged to include amongst others The Breast Cancer Site to fund free mammograms; The Rainforest Site, to fund the preservation of endangered rainforest; the Child Health Site which helps prevent life-threatening diseases, restore vision to blind children, and enable child amputees to walk and The Animal Rescue Site where you click helps buy food and care for a rescued animal.

To help you remember your daily click you can now download a free Toolbar which not only shows you tickboxes to indicate whether you've donated today but also includes a Google Search facility on the top of your browser window.

Sign up for The Hunger Site e-newsletter, and to say thank you, they'll give you a coupon for a FREE* Cultivate Peace Dove Pin ($7.95 value)! Plus, if you're new to our e-newsletter, they'll give an extra two cups of food to the hungry! The e-newsletter covers:

  • How you're helping in the fight against world hunger,
  • Other easy ways to help that are as simple as your daily click,
  • Beautiful and unique gifts to bring the world to your home,
  • Stories about the artisans, families and communities The Hunger Site supports through fair-trade... and more!

*postage not included

Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund - Clicking on the banner on their site pays for one minute of health care.

Solar Site - Converts free donation clicks into funds to buy solar energy equipment for underdeveloped countries. Each click is converted to 1 Kw of solar energy.

Care2 - Click to donate to a variety of causes including rain forests, seals, ocean wildlife, breast cancer, big cats, primates, domestic violence and children in need. - At, you can make donations free of charge to important causes such as AIDS and cancer research, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, vaccines for children and more. Unlike most other click sites, you are able to donate more than once per day.

EcologyFund - By clicking on the "Save Land" buttons, sponsors and advertisers pay for the purchase or protection of the amount of wilderness land indicated at the project selected. All money is paid by the sponsors, it costs you nothing to enable these contributions. Additional land can be saved by registering on EcologyFund as well as doing internet searches, visiting sites, and registering to receive email.

Red Jellyfish Click daily to feed chimps orphaned through poaching and habitat loss with Jane Goodall Institute and save rainforest with

Global e-Inclusion Movement - Donate 0.05 Euro towards the cost of resources and activities (e.g., training, equipment, etc.) supporting the development of ICT for education projects in poor areas of the world. works with poor students in developing nations and Australia providing them with free training and curriculum so they can get jobs specifically in the IT field.

MaterCare's LifeSaver Program - Click to help pay for surgery to repair a mother's obstetric fistula.

Stop HIV - Visit The Stop HIV Site and raise money for HIV research when you click the donate button

The Bible Site - Click to donate bibles to persecuted Christians worldwide.

Hunger Fighters is a hunger-fighting portal committed to fighting hunger of the whole person in earth-friendly ways.

Land Care Niagara - Every 5 clicks plants a tree to restore Niagara's fragmented forest ecosystem.

Hungry Children - Clicks on this site pay to sponsor a child at the Eden Orphanage in India.

The Environment Site - All money raised goes to the Surrey Wildlife Trust. Donate more by making searches from their site.

Por Los Chicos - Click on the banner above to provide meals to hungry children in Argentina. Spanish language site.

Esperanza - Sponsor Argentina Federation for Family Support by helping the poor. Spanish and English language sites. - Support a selection of Mexican charities when you click on the donation links. Spanish language site.

Dame Una Casa - help needy people in Colombia build a home with your daily click. Spanish language site.

Ayudar es Gratis: - Help children infected with HIV (no click required). Spanish language site.

Hambruna - Fight against hunger in Latinoamerica. Spanish language site.

Die Wald Seite - Fight against illegal forest destruction in Malaysia, Costa Rica and Brazil with your daily click. German language site.

Two Wings - Visits to this site provide 4 minutes of education in a Two Wings Project; carefully selected educational projects in many parts of the world. Site in German and English.

Klickdiespende - Click to benefit WWF, Plan International, SOS-Kinderdorf and Greenpeace. German language site.

Woord en Daad is a Dutch site fighting poverty in Africa, Asia and Central-America from a Christian perspective. Donate towards Columbian street kids by clicking on "Doneer gratis". Dutch language site with some English pages.

Fundamar - Provide education, meals and shelter to children in Brazil. Portuguese language site.

Pró Menor - Click to provide food, clothing and health care to street children in Brazil. Portuguese language site.(Click on DOAÇÃO GRÁTIS)

A Click for the Forest. A click saves 2 square decimetres of old growth forest in Sweden. Swedish and English language site.

Pajacyka provides meals for children in the poorest regions of Poland. Polish language site.

Feed SA helps feed South Africans, particularly children, in need. Donations from companies are based on the number of click-throughs on the site. Plus, if you visit their sponsors and if you purchase, sign up etc. on any of these pages, they earn commission!

Daily Donation Page - Clicking on the button on the site automatically loads a number of "Click to Donate" websites into your browser. By visiting these sites the charities' sponsors make donations to that charity.

Send e-Cards

Smiles4All is a free, e-greeting service that helps benefit different Non Profit Organizations. They have many cards to choose from so you can customize a special smile for that special somebody. For each card you send, their sponsors will make a donation to the Non Profit Organization of your choice. Currently 32 to choose from.

Credit Cards

Many charities have formed alliances with credit card providers whereby the charity receives a donation every time you use the card. See our charity credit card page for a charity you wish to support:

Internet Access - UK Only

Choosing as your internet service means that you not only receive a great quality service - broadband or dial-up, but you also benefit others. They are the only internet provider in the UK to donate all their profits to good causes. All their revenue (less the costs of running and marketing the service), are donated to four nominated charities. Make your choice from British Red Cross, British Heart Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Support and The Prince's Trust.

During 2005, customers of the ISP raised 110,000GBP. Visit to find out more.