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How to Sponsor a Child

Many children all around the world are in serious need of help and sponsoring a child can be a great way of helping these children live a better life, and by sponsoring a child you can make a real and lasting difference to a vulnerable child. You have a link with an individual child who can share with you how their lives are changing for the better thanks to the activities and services provided by the project.

A recent research has proven that nowadays once at three seconds a child dies because of the lack of a home, food and water - things that we can't even imagine our lives without. Needless to say that for these children, schools and education is a luxury that they can only dream about.

If you decide to sponsor a child you will be able to choose the country or region you want him to be from, and often you can choose the particular child you want to help from a list that includes pictures and details about the children. Once allocated, you'll be sent details about the child including a photo, date of birth, information about family circumstances and their hobbies.

He will also be given your name and location, and will regularly write to you and tell you about his life. You'll also get an annual report on his progress from the charity behind the program. If you want you can also send the child a picture of you and a letter where you introduce yourself to him, so that he knows who is helping him. He will also greatly appreciate regular correspondence about your life.

You will be the only person that sponsors a particular child, because there are many of them and too few sponsors to assign more that one sponsor to each child. Therefore, you will be one of the most important persons in his life. If you wish, after some time you can even visit that child and see how he's doing and how you've helped him. You're surely receive a warm welcome from the child and his family.

Child sponsorships are usually done through charitable organizations specialized in charity donations. A few of these organizations are shown on this page.

Your charity donation sponsorship doesn't just help the child you are sponsoring but often also benefits the whole community as the long term nature of sponsorship means the charities can commit to long term projects. Besides providing the child you choose and his family with their basic needs, a part of your investment is often used to train volunteers to go into the region and help the whole community eg vaccinations, nutritional programs, the building and equipping of schools, improved transport links, and even clean water and irrigation systems.

Child Sponsorship Organizations to Contact

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