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How to donate to charity from the comfort of your home

A charity wristband is a bracelet fashioned from a variety of materials for the purpose of advertising a donation or otherwise act of support of a charitable organization. Generally these are now made of rubber or silicone and come in a variety of colors to symbolize a particular cause. Charity wristbands became very popular in the new Millennium as a way to publicly display support for an individual's favorite organization. Initially used for spreading awareness about cancer, charity wristbands are now used by just about every non-profit organization; both for awareness and as an effective fundraising tool. The Red Cross has its own red wristbands for supporting, amongst others, the victims of the Tsunami, while the relatives of American servicemen wear green wristbands bearing the message 'Support our troops.'

Charity Wristbands also serve as a fashion statement. That's one of the main reasons for their popularity. Cyclist Lance Armstrong returned to win the Tour de France title for a record seventh time after his successful fight with cancer wearing a yellow wristband. Since Lance Armstrong cycled to victory wearing his famous yellow LiveStrong rubber wristband, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has sold 52 million wristbands and contributed millions to cancer research. Indeed at one point, these were exchanging hands for huge sums on EBay, such was the demand to keep up with the trend, and whilst not all the additional money would have made its way to the charity, the associated publicity was priceless.

In terms of popularity a close second to the yellow LiveStrong wristbands are the pink breast cancer awareness wristbands.

Usually selling for just a dollar or two, this is one donation that is within everyone's reach.

Many now wear these wristbands for style purposes or to make a fashion statement rather than because of any affinity towards a particular charitable cause. Because of the low costs of each item, they are a popular item for children to collect. While donating to charity is always a worthy cause, children should be aware of the reason behind the charity wristband, so it can be worth time finding a wristband representing a charity that means more to them personally.

If you're looking to raise funds for your own particular charitable cause, there are many companies that will make wristbands for you. A quick search on Google will enable you to find a selection to choose from, to meet your own requirements.

The following charities offering wristbands, so choose your favorite charities or just your favorite colors and start your collection today:

Charity Supported Purpose of Charity Color of Band Message Buying Link
Lance Armstrong Foundation Cancer Yellow LiveStrong Buy wristbands
Red Cross Shelter, Food, Counseling etc Red Always There Buy wristbands
Breakthrough Breast Cancer Pink Touch Look Check Buy wristbands
Oxfam Poverty White Make Poverty History Buy wristbands
ALS Association Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Red Strike Out ALS Buy wristbands
CureSearch Childhood cancer research Green Reach The Day Buy wristbands
KidsHaveStrokes Strokes in Children Purple Buy wristbands
KARE Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Blue/Green KARE Buy wristbands
Larry King Cardiac Foundation Life saving cardiac procedures Red BE SMART SAVE A HEART Buy wristbands
ProLife Crisis-pregnancy counseling Blue ProLife Buy wristbands
Heritage House Unborn child White Life is Precious Buy wristbands
OSOT Support US Troops Green Support Our Troops Buy wristbands
CWAC Children with AIDS Cream Make A Child Smile Buy wristbands
PKD Polycystic Kidney Disease Blue Buy wristbands

The only way to guarantee you've got an official band, and your money's gone to the charity you want, is to buy from the charities themselves. If however you just want bands as decoration, without a charity connection, try