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Choosing a Charity

With thousands of charities to support, how do you choose which one or two are most deserving of your support?

Whilst circumstances, like natural disasters, can dictate the target of one-off donations, a little more thought needs to be given to any regular payments you might choose to make.

Sometimes choosing a charity occurs naturally. A medical charity has more meaning when you or a loved one has been affected by that particular illness. A love for a particular animal makes saving them and their habitat a priority. But sometimes the more deserving charities can be ignored in the media, considered less fashionable. Take a look through the following sites for ideas.

Choosing a Charity in your Country

The following sites provide comprehensive details of charities in their country:

Australia Charities provides a comprehensive outline and contact point for the major Australian charitable organisations

United Kingdom
UK Charities is the UK's leading directory for UK based Charities with a comprehensive directory together with a range of articles offering help and advice.

USA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect people with the charities and causes they care about and to increase overall giving.

Wikipedia - listing of top 60 Canadian Charities, or search the complete database of 8000 charities at Canada Revenue Agency

New Zealand provides links and brief details of New Zealand charities. For a comprehensive listing of donee organizations, visit

South Africa
CharitySA - South Africa's charities listed in one place, without favouring any type of cause above another.

Choose a Charity by Cause

Medical Charities
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Poverty and Third World Charities
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Environmental Charities
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Health Charities
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Animal Charities
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