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Donate to charity just by using your credit card

A charity credit card helps a charity raise money to support its charitable work. The charity credit cards are issued by a credit card company who will usually pay the charity a fee for every charity credit card account opened and a percentage on purchases made using the card. These amounts, paid by the issuing bank, can quickly add up to sizeable amounts, with some charities having earned over millions of dollars from their charity credit card.

These cards are however only suitable if you clear the outstanding balance every month, as interest rates are rarely the best on the market.

Whilst these cards are popular in America and the United Kingdom, there seem to be few options elsewhere in the world. Contact us if you know about any cards on offer elsewhere.

Charity Credit Cards - US Residents

Ducks Unlimited World Points MasterCard Credit Card
This credit card provides support for Ducks Unlimited's North American conservation efforts each time you use the card to make a purchase

Anne Geddes Visa Platinum Card
Percentage of every purchase you make with the card is donated to the Anne Geddes Philanthropic Trust working for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. You are also automatically enrolled in the Anne Geddes Rewards program, where you can earn Anne Geddes merchandise or donate your rewards points to the Geddes Philanthropic Trust.

Make-A-Wish Visa Platinum
The Make-A-Wish Foundation receive 0.65% of all net purchases and a minimum of $2 per open and activated account.

See for more charity cards provide by Bank of America.

Once enrolled, 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target and and 1/2% of Target Visa purchases elsewhere are donated to the eligible K-12 school of your choice. For some schools, it adds up to as much as $10,000 a year, distributed twice a year, in March and September. You can also earn a 10% discount on your own purchases from Target.

Whale Adoption Project Platinum VISA
The Whale Adoptions Project - Whale Tail Select Rewards Visa Platinum card offers 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 1 year, no annual fee and your choice of rewards. In addition, a percentage of every purchase will help support the Whale Adoption Project.

Heritage Affinity Services Advantage Card
Support Israeli hospitals, educational programs, community development and more Choose to support up to 5 of your favorite Israel-related charities

Charity Credit Cards - UK Residents

MBNA offer a wide range of charity credit cards. You can find brief examples below or visit for further details.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Credit Card
When you first use your card MBNA will pay a sum to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and a further amount for every year you continue to use your card, together with a percentage on every card purchase

Shelter Credit Card

RSPCA Credit Card

WWF Credit Card

National Trust Credit Card

RED Credit Card
The American Express RED Credit Card donates money to the Global Fund financed programs in Africa which positively impact the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Up to 1.25% on all eligible spend is paid directly to the Global Fund on your behalf, plus an extra £5 to the Global Fund if you spend within the first month of receiving it.

Cashback Credit Cards

If you have the discipline, a more lucrative alternative is to opt for a cashback credit card and donate the proceeds each year. Cashback levels tend to be a considerably higher percentage of spending than those given on the charity cards. There are tax benefits too. When a charity card donates the money, this doesn't qualify for any tax relief. Yet if you donate the money earned from cashback, the charity can claim back tax as if you'd donated the cash from your earnings. See our taxation pages for more details of the tax implications.

The following cards are worth a look, but please note that rates and terms may vary.

UK Cards

Amex Platinum Card
The American Express Platinum Credit Card is an Amex card offering a competitive cash back rate of 3% money back for first 3 months, then up to 1.5% money back thereafter.

Barclaycard Platinum with Cashback

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