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How to donate to charity from the comfort of your home

It seems that barely a day goes by without a news story drawing attention to the plight of others less fortunate than ourselves, whether it's a natural disaster like the Asian Tsunami or Hurricane Katrina, or a famine or outbreak of disease from poverty ridden countries throughout the third world.

And of course, there are equally regular stories of celebrities adopting a charitable cause or even adopting children from Africa or Asia to give them a better life.

But it's not all about grand gestures, and news stories. Every one of us can make a difference no matter how small your budget.

We might not all be in a position to adopt an African orphan but sponsorship of a third world child for just a few dollars a month can bring enormous benefits, not just for the child, but for the whole community, and you don't need to remove them from their home to do so.

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Or why not give gifts this year that benefit others? Whether you're celebrating birthdays, Christmas or another festival, the common theme is the distribution of presents to friends and family. Instead of giving an uninspired gift that will be buried in a cupboard or returned to the shop, why not check out some charity gift catalogues? Not only will you find great gifts not available elsewhere but you'll be effortlessly helping raise funds for the charity of your choice, or the family member who has everything, consider alternative gifts.

Children can do their bit and also be fashionable with charity wristbands for just a dollar or so. You can now even get bands designed by celebrities.

If you can spare a regular amount every month, no matter how small, many countries allow either yourself or the charity to reclaim any tax paid to increase the value of the charitable donation.

Even if you have no money at all to spare, there are still ways to help. Making your regular purchases through a charity won't cost you any more but can sometimes allow the charity to earn a commission, or donation. There are even companies that will make donations to charity, simply for visiting a website and clicking on a link every day.

If you haven't decided which charity to support, check out the choices available and learn about the many ways of helping those less fortunate than yourself, be that through poverty, war, illness or circumstances; and of course not forgetting the animal kingdom, and indeed the planet itself. It's easier than you might think!